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School Visit
 I had the privilege of being invited of an author visit to the River Beach Primary School in Littlehampton in July 2015, as part for the Reading The Way Project. more

I had the privilege to give a Skype lecture with Arabic language students in Tufts College in the US. The students had already read 'Leila, Answer me!' and 'Tomorrow', as both books are officially being used to teach Arabic in Tufts College and Harvard University. It was lovely meeting everyone and sharing my passion in children’s books and the Arabic language!

As part of Festival della Letteratura 2014 in Mantova Italy, I was invited to conduct an art workshop for children and a story reading for my book 'Tomorrow'
During the workshop the kids and I drew Damascene style houses, and posted them on the wall- also sending thoughts of peace and love to Syrian children. more

The beautiful article below, 'I drew a dream of peace for Syria', is written by Severino Colombo, and appears in in the Italian Newspaper Corrier Della Serra

'Leila, Answer me!' received a touching review from critically acclaimed artist and journalist Sahar Abdullah

'Leila, Answer me!' won the Anna Lindh award for the best fiction book for children with special needs in 2011

The book ‘Man Yastatee’ that I illustrated in 2010 was selected to be on the honor list of the 10 best children’s books produced in the Arabic language
The selected list was part of the ‘101 Book’ exhibition organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation in 2011. more


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