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School Visit

 I had the privilege of being invited of an author visit to the River Beach Primary School in Littlehampton in July 2015, as part for the Reading The Way Project.

I was very happy to have read my book, 'Tomorrow’, to lovely Year 2 children who asked wonderful questions about the story and about my career as an author and illustrator. The kids then asked me lots of insightful questions about Syria, and about why Yazan can’t play in the park anymore.

I then read 'Answer me, Leila' to some unforgettably inspiring students form Reception children and the Special Support Centre for deaf children, as the teacher signed the story in sign language- and afterwards the kids taught me how to sign all the colours!
I'll never forget it- my visit ended with one of the children asking me: "Nadine, if you wrote a book about us, what would you call it?!"




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