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 I grew up in a time where most of the great stories too often came from abroad, and where kids rarely read about local themes and oriental narratives.

‘Box of Tales’ is a publishing house that is entirely dedicated to Arabic children’s books. Our stories are always inspired by our indigenous Syrian heritage, our old cities, and an Arab aesthetic.

We strive to preserve our lovely legends and oriental identity in relevant and fun books for kids.

Books published by Box of Tales Publishing House:

Leila answer me ‘Leila Ruddi Allaya’
Leila lives in a high orange tower waiting for Sami, but every time Sami arrives, he calls and calls from down below but she doesn’t answer and he wonders why - until he finally realizes that they may speak a different language.

Tomorrow “Ghadan’
‘Yazan stopped going to school, and he stopped going out with Hamzeh the boy next door, everything is changing around him’

“Tomorrow” is a story dedicated to Syrian kids that are suffering anxiety and fear during the Syrian civil war.


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